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Fidel Consulting is an IT focused recruiting firm. Our mission is to enable candidates to make the most of their world-class IT skills. The best job is not always around the corner but could actually be across the globe. With offices in Japan, India and Singapore and scope throughout Asia Pacific, we have been providing global career support for more than 18 years. As a group company of a Technology firm and a sister company in Language and Localization, our career support comes with a high degree of technical expertise. We will help you finding the best matching job and company from 1,000s of open jobs.

Yes, I know nobody reads this part. Oh did you? Thank you! The most important thing for you is what kind of jobs we are handling and who is actually going to help you, right? Please go to the JOB SEARCH page for open jobs, you will find a variety of attractive jobs. The people introduced below are “Team Fidel Consulting”. Each of them has different background, experience and specialty. If you find someone you want support or advice from, please feel free to contact us. We are all looking forward to helping step-up your career!

Sunil Kulkarni

Sunil Kulkarni: CEO

Sunil Kulkarni is an entrepreneur with a passion for creating new services and markets. As a CEO of Fidel Consulting, he works closely with clients and helps them connect their brand with the targeted customer in local languages with the help of bilingual talented professionals. For this, Fidel works with candidates in turn helping them take on new opportunities, fast track their careers and move on to the next career orbit. Staying in Japan for more than 20+ years, Sunil also shares his insights with the candidates and interacts on a personal level helping them with their stay in Japan.
Sunil believes that Japan is at a cusp and as a consulting firm we needs to work on both fronts i.e work with young Japanese and help them with overseas career opportunities giving them the necessary exposure while at the same time
help young foreign talented candidates come in to Japan and contribute to the next wave of young startups in Japan.
Fidel is committed to candidates and will work with them in their entire career path and be a part of their growth journey.

Lawrence Kieffer

Lawrence Kieffer: COO

I'm Lawrence, or Larry to my friends. I am lucky to be doing a job I love, recruiting. There are 3 things I work hard to achieve for every candidate I meet:

  1. The job I introduce must take you to the next stage in your career.
  2. The new company will appreciate and value your experience and potential.
  3. I will communicate regularly and in detail. You will not have to wonder what is going on, ever! And if Japanese is easier for you, 日本語でも話しましょう。
I am looking forward to meeting you!

Ritesh Khanna

Ritesh Khanna: Director Operations

Ritesh Khanna stands out as a performance-oriented leader, drawing from more than 25 years of extensive work history spanning Sales, Marketing, Strategy & Operations across several multinational enterprises. As the Director at Fidel Consulting, my role involves close collaboration with clients in Japan, focusing on the IT sector across diverse industries. I take pride in my proven ability to inspire teams, exceed predetermined goals, and drive revenue expansion. My proficiency in navigating fluid business landscapes enables me to confront challenges directly, ensuring sustained success for any organization that I engage with.

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