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Experts in IT

As a group company of a Technology firm, our consultants have access to rich technical knowledge to evaluate and identify the appropriate technical talent.


Not only do our recruiters speak multiple languages, our sister company is a language and localization firm with offices in Japan, India and Singapore and scope throughout Asia Pacific. We are able to find global-minded and multi-lingual candidates.

Sourcing Ninjas!

Every recruiter uses the internet to source, but not every candidate is on the internet… We actively conduct offline searches to identify “hard-to-find” world class candidates.

Global Sourcing

The world is shrinking. Japanese engineers working in Silicon Valley are looking for jobs back in Japan close to home. CTOs with global management experience can be found in NY, Dubai or Singapore. Our consultants are globally active and do not limit the talent search only in domestic. We find the best people no matter where they are.


We assign dedicated consultants for each client. That enables us to provide consistent recruitment support from beginning to end. We put an emphasis on understanding clients’ needs, and put 110% to make a difference in your business.

Does it matter where the candidate comes from if she is the best person for the job? If she has the language skills you need, the technical knowledge and the cultural fit then she could be living on the moon right now and the only question would be, “How soon can you start?”

There are 1.5m Japanese in Brazil and 1.2m in the USA. There are more Japanese in those 2 countries than there are on Linkedin in Japan! We will leave no stone unturned to find the best candidate for your firm.

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We have both onshore & offshore consultants. While you are sleeping, our consultants are still at work.

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Sunil Kulkarni

Sunil Kulkarni: CEO

Sunil Kulkarni is an entrepreneur with a passion for creating new services and markets. As a CEO of Fidel Consulting, he works closely with clients and helps them connect their brands with the targeted customer in local language with the help of bilingual talented professionals. Fidel works in 2 complex markets such as Japan (far east) and India (far South) and has worked with clients from different domains covering insurance, retail, System integration, BFSI. Sunil is fluent in Japanese and English and is always keen to explore the convergence of New business models – new technologies – and delivery of services the last mile in local language.

Lawrence Kieffer

Lawrence Kieffer: COO

I'm Lawrence, or Larry to my friends. I am lucky to be doing a job I love, recruiting. Every day I get to meet new people and work with exciting and growing companies. Focusing on IT professionals has opened the door to almost every industry. From software firms to professional wrestling agencies, everyone has an IT department these days!

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Fidel Consulting KK
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Floor 7(A), Kudan Plaza Building, Kudan Minami 2-2-3, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo 102-0074
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Fidel Technologies : http://www.fideltech.com/
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