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Data Engineer/ Team Leader

Job Id : 6748
Posted : 2024-01-08
Industry : Information Technology and Services
Employment Type : Contractor, Temporary#Full Time, Permanent
Required Skills : data processing, cloudDWH, Github, Docker, Python, Java, Spark, PySpark, Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, Databricks, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Firestore, agile ,JapaneseN
City : Shibuya
State : Tokyo
Country : Japan
Annual Salary : ¥5,000,000 ~ ¥12,000,000

Job Description

Position Title: Data Engineer/ Team Leader

Job Description:

  • As a team leader, formulating the infrastructure architecture for processing the client's big data
  • Developing DWH and data processing, incorporating machine learning models into ML & Ops, etc.
  • We will lead the project technically and leave it to you to train the next generation.
  • Planning and execution of measures for further growth of the contract development service, which is our core business,
  • This is a position where you can take on the challenge of leading new prime deals.
  • we expect a role as a playing manager.
  • As our development system, we have adopted a system in which teams are formed for each project to promote development.
  • Therefore, not only data engineers belonging to the same department, but also consultants, engineers, PMs, etc.
  • It's an environment where you can work in collaboration with people in various positions, so while working hard you can improve your skills.


  • 2 +y ears of work Experience using the cloudDWH, ETL development 
  • AWSorGCPExperience using cloud environments such as ·Github, Docker, Circle CIsuch asCI/CDExperience using tools.
  • Research for technical research and proposals
  • Defining requirements with customers and attending meetings
  • Improve the technical capabilities of the development team, such as member reviews, guidance, and support
  • Project schedule management
  • Coding work
  • Bug fix work
  • Document creation/correction work
  • We have received a wide variety of projects centering on national client projects.
  • Python is the main language, but the following languages and skills may also be used.
  • Development language: Python, Java, etc.
  • Distributed processing: EMR, Spark, PySpark, etc.
  • DWH: Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, Databricks, etc.
  • DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Firestore, etc.
  • ETL: AWS Glue, Talend, PowerCenter, Informatica, etc.
  • CI/CD: GitHub, Docker, CircleCI, GitHub Action, Terraform

Preferred Qualifications:

Tech leads and experience leading development in roles such as

  • Experience in technology selection
  • Experience in both waterfall and agile development
  • Experience involved in lake house architecture
  • MLEngineering experience
  • Experience as a system architect.


  • Highly motivated to take on new challenges
  • Those who aim to manage schedules, resources, and teams while ensuring quality
  • Those who can work with pride and commitment to user-conscious development.

Languages: Japanese Native, English not Required.


  • Flextime system 9:00 to 18:00 (actual work 7.5 hours, break 60 minutes + 30 minutes) -Core time: 11:00 to 17:00
  • 2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
  • public holidays, summer leave
  • year-end and new year leave
  • paid leave (10 days after 6 months of regular employees),
  • condolence leave, prenatal/postnatal leave
  • childcare leave
  • nursing care leave
  • lucky 7days system (immediately after joining the company)
  • 7-day special leave that can be used for half a year from to when paid is granted)

Company Description

An IT Service Strategy Development Company with cutting-edge IT knowledge and provides high-level services. We can develop all areas of IT from core systems to Web/App development, UX/UI, infrastructure and games, and IoT by ourselves. The main theme is to create "IT expert groups" by creating an environment where we are constantly challenged by new things. There is a strong "free" atmosphere, and there is a lot of staff with high individuality and professionalism!

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