Support for formulating Business Requirement

Support for formulating Business Requirement

Job Id : 5770
Posted : 2021-09-13
Industry : Information Technology and Services
Employment Type : Contractor, Temporary, Part Time
Required Skills : Japanese2, English2, Contract, SAP, Project Management
City : Remote
State : Remote
Country : Japan
Annual Salary : ¥12,600,000 ~ ¥15,120,000

Job Description


Position name: Support for formulating Business Requirement
  • IT design
  • Project management Area lead only
  • Project management work support within the area team in charge
  • Plan formulation: Work plan formulation, business area adjustment
  • Progress management: Work management and progress report
  • Issue management: Issue management and response promotion, related party coordination
  • Participation in various conference bodies
  • PJ as a whole: General review meeting * Optional
  • Area study group: Business requirement study, IT design study, SAP study group * Required area
  • PJ internal meeting: PJ general sharing meeting
  • System Design
  • Organization of system requirements: From business requirements to system requirements, participation in business domain study group
  • ToBe proposal formulation: Examination of realization proposals for system requirements, creation of ToBe proposals, examination with business areas
  • Fit & Gap organization: Examination of function layout with solution for ToBe proposal (SAP / SFDC)
  • Business transition design
  • Formulation of business transition plan (stage introduction plan): Creation of stage transition plan by business, function, etc., coordination with business area
  • Examination of implementation policy: Examination of add-on construction policy and policy formulation due to expansion from SAP standard functions
  • Examination of various incidental themes: Coordination / examination with the examination team of themes related to business transition such as ID integration and master standardization


  • IT design
  • Consulting basic skills required
  • Hearings of related parties involved in creating various materials, meeting coordination, work reports within the IT team
  • Preparation of discussion papers and deliverables at study meetings of the work in charge, understanding of remarks at various meetings, and preparation of minutes
  • Facilitation
  • Creating an agenda, proceeding with meetings, and promoting discussions at study meetings for the work in charge
  • project management
  • Planning, progress management, issue management, quality control * Area lead only
  • System Design
  • Organize system requirements, formulate ToBe proposals, organize Fit & Gap, etc.
  • Business transition design
  • Formulation of business transition plan (stage introduction plan)
  • IT skills
  • System introduction PJ experience
  • ERP introduction experience  SAP (S / 4, SD, PS, FI, CO) experience (*) * It is better if

Company Description 

Founded in 2019, this company is providing 3 main services which are; business strategy・technology consulting, internet services, and video distribution services.
All employees are creative as innovators, aiming to lead the development of the digital society, while providing services that are "compassionate" as human beings.
They put importance on work-life balance, and you can expect to feel accomplishment, fulfillment, and an attractive life in both work and private life.
Also, they value their employees based on their policy of "How many times did you laugh today?"