Technical Support Manager

Technical Support Manager

Job Id : 4304
Posted : 2020-09-25
Industry : Marketing and Advertising
Employment Type : Full Time, Permanent
Required Skills : Japanese1, English2, Cloud, Technical Support, SQL, Linux, System Development, Salesforce, Networking
City : Shibuya-ku
State : Tokyo
Country : Japan
Annual Salary : ¥5,000,000 ~ ¥7,200,000

Job Description

Job Description

  • He will lead the technical support area in the support team of the customer success section of the AI-equipped IP phone service.
  • In response to technical inquiries from customers, we will handle the high-level contents as a person in charge and lead the team to solve problems quickly.
  • We will maintain a knowledge base, promote self-service solutions, optimize business efficiency and create a scalable organization.


  • Experience in maintenance and operation of networks and servers in large-scale systems
  • Understanding voice communication (SIP, VoIP) services, network equipment, cloud services
  • Experience in creating and operating knowledge bases such as Zendesk
  • Experience in large-scale system development
  • Knowledge of CRM products such as Salesforce
  • Knowledge of networks (L2-L7, Internet)

Preferred Qualification 

  • Over 1 year of system development or system maintenance operation experience
  • Over 3 years of work experience in cloud services, communication services, software sales, technical support, consulting, etc. with client facing for corporate customers
  • Manipulating the database using SQL
  • Experience in log research using Linux commands and monitoring systems
  • 2-3 or more staff management experience
  • Ability to communicate with customers using Japanese phone, email, chat, etc.
  • Logical thinking ability and sentence writing ability for problem solving


  • January Holidays
  • Annual holidays: 120 days Presence or absence of passive smoking measures
  • social insurance
  • Transportation expenses
  • paid Leave system
  • New Year holidays
  • Paid leave Other

Company Information

The company aims to "create new ways of communication and bring about changes in the world," and is a startup that develops software/database for AI × Voice × Cloud. As the first service for lawyers, we are developing a cloud IP phone equipped with a voice analysis AI that visualizes phone sales. 
Main business content AI/Voice/Cloud software/database development The company is taking on the challenge of "creating a new way of communication and bringing about changes in the world." Most recently, we are developing AI × Voice × Cloud software/database, and as the first service for lawyers, we are offering cloud IP phones equipped with voice analysis AI that visualizes telephone sales.

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