Technical Account Manager (Launch SAP domain)

Technical Account Manager (Launch SAP domain)

Job Id : 3575
Posted : 2020-09-28
Industry : Information Technology and Services
Employment Type : Full Time, Permanent
Required Skills : Japanese1, English2, technical account manager, project management, SAP, project proposal, SAP development, business strategies, IT consulting
City : Minato-ku
State : Tokyo
Country : Japan
Annual Salary : ¥11,000,000 ~ ¥15,000,000

Job Description

【Job Responsibilities】 
We are looking for someone who can be active as a startup member of the SAP domain in our enterprise domain, which is expanding as our main domain in both actual results and plans. 
While establishing a relationship with the customer, you will be in charge of the following tasks to establish a quality assurance scheme within the customer in accordance with the business strategy. 
In the future, further demand expansion is anticipated in the industry, and this is an area where scale expansion is expected.

[About department]
Business Transformation Business Unit Enterprise Industry & Distribution Division Industrial Business Unit

[Specific work contents]

  • Formulation of account strategy for SAP introduction vendor / SAP introduction user
    • Formulate account sales plan
    • Account service strategy formulation / proposal
    • Alliance Planning / Proposal
    • Build a system
  • Formulation of quality assurance strategy for SAP implementation vendors / SAP implementation users
    • Account Quality Analysis
    • Quality assurance strategy formulation / proposal
    • Build quality assurance system
  • Management of multiple projects within customers
  • Organization management
    • Business strategy formulation based on management policy
    • Recruitment
    • Development of PMPM and PL
    • Target setting and personnel evaluation
[Possible career paths]
You can expect a career as a group head following the launch of a group specializing in the SAP area, or as a group head that controls the entire ERP area.


【Job Requirements】

  • Experience of project management of 300 million yen or more in SAP introduction or development
  • Project proposal experience in SAP introduction or development
  • Experience in formulating and executing business strategies
  • Those who can communicate logically and simply
  • Those who can commit their duties to quantitative goals
  • Those who can accept things honestly
  • Flexible adaptation to many changes
  • Those who value coordination
[Preferred skills and experiences]
  • IT consulting experience
  • More than 50 people with organizational management experience

【Holidays and Benefits】

  • 2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday) (Over 120 days of annual holiday)
  • Holidays
  • Summer vacation
  • New Year holiday
  • Condolence leave (marriage leave, child and child marriage leave, spouse maternity leave, etc.)
  • Before and after childbirth, childcare, nursing care leave system
  • Complete social insurance
  • Commuting allowance
  • Elective defined contribution pension plan
  • Skill improvement support (qualification acquisition support) system
  • Internal recruitment system
  • Technology study meeting Inhouse exchange meeting 
  • Stock grant ESOP trust system
  • Health insurance union (Tokyo information service industry health insurance union) partner facilities available
  • Bicycle commuting system
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Company events (athletic, yearend party, general meeting of employees, awards), etc.

【About Company】 

The company specializes in quality assurance and testing essential for software development. In order to deliver safe and secure products, we provide quality assurance services across the world through our unique business model, from consulting in the upstream development process to test work just before release.
Sales growth rate is kept around 150% every year, and also globally expanding. Also listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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