Senior Design Technologist, Advertising Platform

Senior Design Technologist, Advertising Platform

Job Id : 3532
Posted : 2021-11-10
Industry : Internet
Employment Type : Full Time, Permanent
Required Skills : Japanese1, Web Designer, Web developer, technologist, analytical skills, JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, Adaptive design, AWS, digital marketing, advertising, Android/iOS development
City : Meguro-ku
State : 1800000
Country : Japan
Annual Salary : ¥5,000,000 ~ ¥7,000,000

Job Description

Advertising design Technology is our custom development and prototyping team for advertisers and agencies.We focus on the conception, prototyping and execution of branded custom experiences across company properties.
As a lead on the Design Technology team you will split your time between execution and strategy.You will be contributing to the definition of new ad products, pre-sales prototypes and custom campaign execution, all while working directly with Designers, Product Managers, Engineers and Account teams.
You will have comprehensive understanding of the current state (and future) of web technology with a critical awareness of implications on user-centered design.You feel comfortable reading, writing, and reviewing vanilla JavaScript both on the client and server, building your own libraries and creating task automation to speed up development.
Advertising Design Technology Team is a team that belongs to Advertising and develops advertising projects and prototyping in response to advertiser (and agency) advertising needs. We envision, prototype, and implement brand experiences on the platform.
As a member of the Design Technology Team, we are looking for a Design Technologist to focus on production and strategy. Interact directly with designers, product managers, engineers, and account teams to engage in new advertising products, proposal prototyping, and brand campaign implementation.
Design Technologists understand the current state (and future) of web technologies, while being aware of the impact of user-centered design. He reads and writes pure JavaScript on both the client and the server, and works to improve operational efficiency in order to build his own library and shorten the development process.


  • Owning the end-to-end development process and deliverables from a design and technical perspective
  • Providing design and leadership by working closely with business teams to develop campaign strategy, use cases, and technical requirements
  • Presenting work to peers, product teams and executive leadership
  • Providing leadership, mentoring, and coaching to your immediate and extended team
  • Partnering with program and product managers to identify identify and assess features for future product offerings


  • Considerable experience as lead designer, developer or technologist
  • Excellent written / verbal communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills
  • Understanding and fluent usage across a broad spectrum of technologies including (but not limited to): JavaScript / NodeJS, HTML / CSS, XML / JSON, and Responsive / Adaptive Design
  • Experience using AWS in production environments
  • Understanding of performance and how to mitigate latency issues

Contents of work in charge:

  • Manage end-to-end development processes and products from a design and technical perspective
  • Develop and deliver campaign strategies, use cases and technical requirements in close collaboration with the business team
  • Present the product to team members and product teams
  • Provide leadership, mentoring and coaching to direct and related teams
  •  Coordinate with the program and product manager to properly confirm and evaluate the functions of products to be provided in the future

Experience, qualifications and skills required:

  • Extensive understanding and use of technology areas: including, but not limited to, JavaScript / NodeJS, HTML / CSS, XML / JSON, and responsive / adaptive design.
  •  Business level English (TOEIC 900 points)
  • Web development experience on multiple devices, web views and browsers
  • Technology for providing functional prototypes with new devices
  • Ability to participate in the full design, development life cycle: ideas, prototyping, development, backward compatibility, failover, validation, user testing, etc.
  • Significant experience as a lead designer, developer, or technician
  • Excellent written / verbal communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills


  • Familiarity with digital marketing, advertising, and metrics across Entertainment and Automotive verticals
  • Familiar with creative ideation and brainstorm sessions with internal and external partners
  • Familiarity with Android and / or iOS development
  • Familiarity with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Alexa, Voice Design
  • Familiarity of Java / Ruby / Python / Obj-C, Swift or OpenCV
  • BS / MS in computer science, technology, design, or equivalent professional experience

Welcome conditions

  • Familiar with creative ideas and brainstorming sessions with internal and external partners
  • ・ Familiar with Android and / or iOS development
  • ・ Knowledge of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Alexa, Voice Design
  • ・ Knowledge of Java / Ruby / Python / Obj-C, Swift, or OpenCV
  • ・ BS / MS or equivalent professional experience in computer science, technology and design
  • ・ Experience using AWS in production environment
  • ・ Understand performance and know how to reduce latency issues
  • A proven track record and ability to simplify complex issues and make them intuitive and great experiences.

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