Application Engineer (Managed Security Service)

Application Engineer (Managed Security Service)

Job Id : 3411
Posted : 2021-11-10
Industry : Information Technology and Services
Employment Type : Full Time, Permanent
Required Skills : Japanese1, Application Development, Sharepoint, C# , Java
City : Shinjuku-ku
State : Tokyo
Country : Japan
Annual Salary : ¥5,000,000 ~ ¥7,000,000

Job Description


  • Development and operation of security log collection and analysis platform system of our security service MSS (Managed Security Service).
  • Responsible for development for new service provision of MSS, improvement of operation and maintenance efficiency, development of business support tools for MSS analysts, and system operation and maintenance.

【Development environment】

  • Azure、Elastic、Kafka、MongoDB、SQLServer、Linux(CentOS)、Java、Python、Ruby

Required Qualification

  • Development of document management/workflow system, transition experience from the existing system.
  • Customer negotiation experience such as project manager and project leader (regardless of project size).
  • The point that I want to be important is whether PM / PL can be done.
  • In this position, there are many people who are going on the waterfall now, but it is in a phase where we want to increase agile in the future.

Preferred Qualification

  • Development experience in Java (more than 5 years) [Recommended requirements]
  • Experience developing cloud systems such as Azure/AWS
  • Development experience in C#, Python, Ruby
  • LPIC-2 or higher
  • Git operation
  • Agile development experience

[People seeking]

  • Those who are motivated to proactively tackle new things that they do not know and try to solve them.
  • Those who seek a speedy organizational climate.

Other treatment

There is a trial period of 3 months. No change in treatment

■ Working hours

Flextime system

* Whether or not there is core time (11:00 to 15:00) depends on the department.

* Scheduled working time 7 hours 45 minutes

* Working hours eg 9:00 to 17:45 (1-hour break)

Every Wednesday, regular leave day, Premium Friday is operated independently based on leaving at 15:00 on the last Friday of the month


■ Holidays / vacations

Complete weekdays 2 days (Saturday, Sunday), public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave 14 days (the number of days granted varies depending on the time of joining the company), kids & nursing morning half-day leave, ability development leave (give 5 days per year), Congratulations leave, anniversary leave, refreshment leave (5 days every 5 years of service), thank-you day, PJ complete leave (in principle, 5 consecutive days)

* 126 days a year (FY2019)


■ Enrollment insurance

Complete with health insurance, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, and workmen's accident insurance


■ Welfare

Qualification acquisition incentive system, Yahoo! BB employee monitor system, retirement allowance system (defined contribution pension system), leave before and after childbirth/childcare/nursing care, etc., Company employee shareholding, benefit one benefit system, Kanto ITS health insurance/resort facilities, asset savings system, in-house club activity support system, etc.


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