Web Application Development Engineer (PL/PM)

Web Application Development Engineer (PL/PM)

Job Id : 3350
Posted : 2021-11-11
Industry : Information Technology and Services
Employment Type : Full Time, Permanent
Required Skills : Japanese1, Web design, Web development, customer negotiation, project leadership, project management, web application development
City : Shibuya-ku, Ebisu
State : Tokyo
Country : Japan
Annual Salary : ¥4,200,000 ~ ¥8,000,000

Job Description

Company Profile:
.Industry: IT / Software / In-house service available

[Business description]
Software development business, agricultural product wholesale business, design production business
Temporary staffing business
Paid employment placement business 
Application development contract management business

The company is engaged in a wide range of IT solutions based on the three businesses of system development, infrastructure construction and operation, and creative.
Under the vision of “nurturing people and creating industry,” approximately 90 members, with an average age of 33 years old, are aiming to become a professional group that does nowhere else” by demonstrating venture spirits. The company's business is as follows.

● System development business
● Infrastructure construction and operation business
● Creative business
The above is the ratio of resident customers 70 to 80% and commissioned (takeaway) 20 to 30%.

● Future initiatives

Job Description:

[Web application development engineer (PL / PM candidate)] Recruitment of technical team core members in contracted projects ◎ Would you like to become a project leader?

Employment status:
Full-time employee
 Trial period is 6 months. There is no change in salary and treatment during that time

Business description:
As a web application development engineer, I am involved in the development of web applications that use web open languages ​​such as Java, PHP, and .NET.
(We look forward to working with you as a team leader, taking advantage of your experience so far!)

After joining the company, we are planning to engage in in-house contract work or customer resident (23 wards).
We will leave the client's requirement definition, member management, and hand-on development work!
Those who are aiming for PM / PL but still want to be involved in development can gain both experiences.

The project basically consists of a team of 3 to 6 people.
[Development example]
■ Entertainment platform development and maintenance
■ Game platform development and maintenance
■ Development of next-generation construction equipment system
■ Operation and maintenance of energy management package products
■ Construction of websites such as websites and campaign sites
■ Development and operation of internal infrastructure systems of a major human resource company
■ Renewal development of Sakai Record EC site
■ Lottery site development

■ In-house media content
* In the past, we have a track record of creating in-house media content based on employee feedback.
Results) Curation media “Litaly” / Fashion EC site “NIZIIRO”

[Language / Environment]
Java, PHP, C #, Ruby, Python, VisualBasic.NET, VBA, Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix

[Career path]
After joining the company, you will be involved in the design of the existing business, centering on the customer / consignment project, but there is an environment where each employee can actively challenge the new business. It is also possible.

[The charm of the company]
■ Although the company is a venture company, there are many transactions with certain companies. We are expanding our business with the strength of lightweight footwork unique to venture companies.
■ Based on a stable business foundation, the education system is also substantial, so you can actively try new things.
 ■ A backup system is in place for obtaining qualifications, such as “celebration at the time of acquisition”.
■ You can also participate in general external training that you want to participate with company assistance.
■ Since the personnel evaluation system is clear, it is easy to set goals and take certain career steps.

[Attraction of work]
■ We provide one-stop services from direction to planning, design, system construction, and operation, and acquire abundant skills to handle a wide range of operations.
■ All are self-reported, and it is an environment where you can challenge more and more what you want to do. In addition, you can play an active role in various fields such as the development of new business projects regardless of the company history.

[Training longitude]
We have a business group meeting on an annual schedule. There are various contents such as training related to work for beginners and advanced users and lightning talk training with a little bit of content, but you can schedule it according to your career plan.

Qualification requirements: 
[Required requirements]
■ Practical experience in design and manufacturing process

[Welcome requirements]
■ Customer negotiation experience
■ Member management experience
■ Requirement definition

Working hours: 10: 00-19: 00

Holiday / Vacation:
★ Annual holidays over 120 days ★
Sundays, Sundays, public holidays, GW, summer holidays, New Year holidays,
Paid leave (10-20 days a year), Keio leave, childcare leave, pre-partum / post-part leave
* If you attend work on leave, you can get a transfer leave.
* As a company policy, employees are actively taking paid leave.

Treatment and benefits:
■ Commuting allowance
■ House allowance
■ Various social insurances (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, and workmen's insurance)
■ Celebration system for qualification acquisition
■ Job title
■ Club activities
■ In-house library system
■ New business support system
■ Employee introduction system
■ Lunch system


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