Machine Learning Engineer / AI

Machine Learning Engineer / AI

Job Id : 2381
Posted : 2022-05-30
Industry : Information Technology and Services
Required Skills : Japanese1, Internet Services, machine learning, data analysis, Python, natural language processing, algorithm, statistics, Apache Spark, AWS, English3
City : Shibuya, Tokyo
State : Tokyo
Country : Japan
Annual Salary : ¥4,000,000 ~ ¥6,000,000

Job Description

Position Name: Machine Learning Engineer / AI

Job Description:

  • As an operating company that develops multiple businesses, Biz Riichi has launched the AI ​​office in 2016 in order to play the core of the challenge of using new technology while creating profits.
  • The role of the AI room is based on research and development that pursues the cutting edge of machine learning and data mining, and prepares these technologies in a way that can be applied to each business. Also, two Apache committers are born from the AI room.
Business Description:
  • We are looking for a person who can be active as a machine learning engineer in the AI ​​room.
  • We plan to design, design, develop, operate and maintain machine learning parts in each business, and implement algorithms in AI area from service design to service.
  • Job recommendation at Biz Rich / Caritole
  • Payroll prediction and standby job category estimation using standby job information
  • Forecast of document selection through HRMOS
  • Word vector release in recruitment area
  • Development of machine learning infrastructure Apache PredictionIO
Development environment:

We are structuring to provide services by linking multiple micro services on AWS, and we can apply optimum technology individually and quickly. The choice of technology is judged within the team considering technology trends, stability, productivity, developers' motivation and so on. In addition, since the work style is also a discretionary labor system, individuals can choose the way of work with high productivity, and you can proceed with product development while coordinating with the team.

【Flat and one-stop development system】

All members of sales, planning, design, UI design, development and operation are enrolled in the same business division, quickly performing from design requirements to design, development and release It is a system that can do. There are climates where professionals of different professionals respect each other's skills, and we exchange opinions on a daily basis. It also recommends skill overlap, and it is an environment where you can get feedback from users directly. In addition, communication is based on Slack and JIRA.


  • Work experience of machine learning implementation and data analysis over 2 years
  • Knowledge and experience on machine learning and statistics
  • Development skills using Python

Preferred Qualification:

  • Development experience using natural language processing
  • Development experience of recommendation algorithm
  • Work experience in data mining, statistics, model building etc
  • Experience participating in Kaggle's competition
  • Experience with Apache Spark and AWS
  • Experience of agile development, experience of using CI / CD tools
  • Experience leading the development project
  • Pilot experience at academic conferences and conferences
  • English level skills in daily conversation

Personality Desired:

  • Those who would like to apply the knowledge of machine learning to new services from scratch
  • Those who feel strong significance in the area where people support technology decision-making
  • Those who want to release machine learning services in short cycles
  • Those who are interested in giving a positive influence to the world by changing "how to work"

Company Description 

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