Data mining / Game service

Data mining / Game service

Job Id : 1242
Posted : 2020-09-28
Industry : Computer Games
Employment Type : Full Time, Permanent
Required Skills : Japanese1, English2, data mining, SQl, Python, Tableau
City : Shibuya-ku or Meguro-ku
State : Tokyo
Country : Japan
Annual Salary : ¥3,600,000 ~ ¥9,600,000

Job Description

Job Description
you will be responsible for operations that lead to improvements in games and services.
As a staff member of the producers and directors of games and services,
you will not only propose measures based on the temporary structure you have built but also measure the effects including aggregation and creation of reports.
Accession to the game and tell the importance of the project members to the data of the service data in charge of
business to develop an environment in which Seth also will be conducted.
・ Data aggregation and report creation using SQL
・ Problem discovery and measure verification
・ Advice and suggestions to various internal staff
・ Visualization and operation of data using analysis tools
・Discovery and proposal of new numerical indicators
・ Statistical analysis and machines Modeling that makes use of specialized learning knowledge


  • Those who have a strong interest in games and digital contents
  • Those who can think things logically and objectively
  • A person who has the independence and can achieve the purpose in cooperation with others
  • A person who has continuous aspirations

Preferred Qualification

  • Experience in data analysis work
  • High logical thinking ability
  • Engineer skills that can implement the deliverables required to carry out work
  • Ability to perform work voluntarily
  • High communication ability to perform business in cooperation with others
  • Statistical knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of database / SQL
  • Aggregation skills using SQL
  • Experience of graphing and visualization of numerical values ​​using Excel
  • Analysis experience using a database
  • Programming skills for analysis tools such as R and Python
  • Any expertise such as data mining / statistical analysis/machine learning / natural language processing
  • Business knowledge in the fields of games, social media, and online advertising
  • Experience developing and operating a scalable system that handles I / O of GByte or more
  • More than 2 years of work experience providing suggestions and advice from various data
  • Experience creating dashboards using Tableau

Holiday vacation

  • 2 days off (Saturday / Sunday), public holidays, summer vacation (3 days from July 1st to November 30th),
  • New Year holidays (December 29th to January 3rd), annual paid leave (10 days in the first year), condolence leave
  • Various insurance
  • Health insurance (Kanto IT software health insurance association), employment insurance, workmen's accident insurance, employee pension insurance


The employee training program, skill up support system, communication activation system,

General meeting, official club system, health support system, rent subsidy system (2 stations rule / anywhere rule), moving allowance, child allowance, corporate defined contribution pension system

 The rent subsidy system (two-station rule / anywhere rule), moving allowance, child allowance, and corporate defined contribution pension system is for regular employees only.

Company information:

  • The company's "Bahamut of Shintoism" is a top-ranking hit title in domestic and overseas, such as acquiring the top in the domestic mobile ranking, as well as getting top in the App Store Google Play.
  • By working with the president and executive members who have produced hit games more than 100 million, it is an environment where you can learn directly the planning know-how that keeps hitting in the industry.
  •  Mid-career employees occupy the majority,. Although the scale is steadily expanding, it is a company that is highly ventilated and has talented people of various values.
  •  Although it is a venture company, as a member of the cyber agent group, welfare programs use the same things as cyber agents. It is an environment where it is possible to tackle challenging tasks while receiving satisfying welfare benefits.