System Engineer For RPA

求人ID : 3590
投稿日 : 2020-09-02
業界 : Information Technology and Services
雇用形態 : 正社員, 常勤
必須スキル : Japanese1, infrastructure engineer, RPA, AI , Java development, .Net, ASP.Net, C# , PHP
市区町村 : Minato-ku, Higashi-Azabu
都道府県: Tokyo
国 : Japan
年俸 : 2,000,000 ~ 4,000,000


Job Type : [System Engineer] Engaged in advanced technologies such as RPA / AI.

Job Description:

  • We are engaged in a wide range of projects, including in-house package development, with a focus on open and web projects.
  • We have been evaluated for development based on customers from a team structure centered on PM that also negotiates customers,
  • We participate in each project from upstream.
  • For this reason, we often participate from the planning stage, and we can draw a variety of careers, such as managing and mastering skills.
  • [Project example]
  •  RPA introduction support project (four to six people)
  • Supports all processes from requirement definition to construction and testing. He is also responsible for coordinating requirements with foreign consultants.
  • Development environment: UiPath (VB.Net type)
  •  Chatbot introduction support project (3-5 people system)
  • In direct dealings with a major cosmetics company, we handle product selection, vendor negotiation, and customization development.
  • Development environment: Dedicated development environment
  • Life Insurance / Contract Management System Development Project (10-12 people)
  • Responsible for requirements definition, comprehensive testing, maintenance, and enhanced development. It also supports UI optimization studies.
  • Development environment: Windows, Java, Oracle, etc.
  • Major apparel EC site / Maintenance / Enhancement development (multiple system)
  • Agile support from requirements definition to development and testing. We also introduced a new payment module.
  • Development environment: Linux, PHP, MySQL, etc.
  •  Recently, we have been focusing on the development and introduction of the popular RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and A.I chatbots. For employees who want to improve their skills, it is also recommended that they receive training and qualifications that can be received outside. Of course, we hold various study sessions five to six times a year in the company, such as machine learning AI study sessions, code writing, and development languages.

[Working charm]
・ Training tailored to the times is provided by the external training system and the cross-organizational training department. An environment that spares no time in improving skills.
・ Expand your career range such as management and skill improvement

■ SI Division ■ Average age 36 years old ■ Gender ratio: 8: 2

Indefinite employment * There is a trial period of three months. There is no change in treatment and salary during that time.

■ Year system
Estimated annual income: 3.6 million yen-(including fixed overtime allowance ¥ 48,720-)
・ Commuting allowance: Full payment
・ Overtime allowance: Fixed overtime allowance is paid separately.
・ Working allowance
・ Business trip allowance, post allowance, etc.

・ Salary increase
We evaluate your business results and strengths using our unique career framework and detailed evaluation criteria.

■ Annual income
・ 3.9 million yen / 25 years old ・ 3 years experience ・ System engineer
・ 5.2 million yen / 34 years old ・ 12 years experience ・ Project leader
・ 7.5 million yen / 45 years old ・ 20 years experience ・ Project manager

Qualification requirements:
■ Indispensable experience
・ One or more years of practical experience as an engineer
(Experiences in infrastructure, general-purpose machines, built-in games, etc. also have job offers)
■ Welcome requirements
・ Development experience with Java,, C # .net, PHP

■ People recruited by our company
Activeness: Those who can "create if not," "try first"
Honesty: someone who can communicate their values ​​honestly and honestly
Steady: those who can do their best and compete on their own

■ We will propose a career plan for you if you join our company, focusing on introducing recommended projects!

Treatment and benefits:
■ Raise raise once a year (April)
■ Bonus twice a year
■ Transportation expenses paid in full
■ Complete social insurance (employment, occupational accidents, health, welfare pension)
■ Overtime allowance (full payment)
■ Business trip allowance
■ Position allowance
■ No smoking in the office
■ Technical training (free attendance, mandatory 2 days a year)
■ Hierarchical training (free and required)
■ Qualification acquisition reward system (examination fee depending on qualification)
■ Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association (discounts for leisure facilities, gyms, etc.)
■ Group insurance
■ Mental health check (twice a year)
■ Medical checkup once a year (free)
 Half-day dock / female for those over 30 years old: Gynecological examination (all free)
■ Employee Mutual Aid Association (3,000 yen / month)
└Employee trip, BBQ, etc.
■ Social gathering support (3,000 yen provided each time)
This system is provided up to twice a year for drinking and lunch between employees.
◎ Welfare programs are being developed to create a comfortable working environment.

Working hours:
・ From 9:30 to 18:00 (7 hours and 30 minutes a day): It may be changed depending on the site.
・ Break time: 60 minutes
・ Overtime: Yes * Average overtime: 17.8 hours

Holiday vacation:
<Over 120 days of annual holiday>
 122 days in 2017 and 123 days in 2018.
■ Full day off 2 days system (Saturday and Sunday)
■ Holiday
■ Paid leave
Paid from the time you join! (Newly changed from April 2019)
■ Summer vacation (3 days)
■ New Year holidays (6 days)
■ GW vacation
■ Congratulations
■ Maternity leave / childcare leave * Acquired!
■ Nursing care leave, etc.

★ Results of returning to work after maternity leave: 2 last year, 1 this year

Work location:
■ Head Office
5th floor, Higashiazabu Annex Building, 1-10-13 Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・ Oedo Line `` Akabanebashi Station '' 5-minute walk
・ 8-minute walk from Mita Line Shiba-Koen Station
・ 10 minute walk from Hibiya Line `` Kamiyacho Station ''

Selection process:
・ Document selection

・ Primary Interview (Recruitment)

・ Final interview (President and sales representative) ※ Aptitude test before final interview

・ Offer