Pre-sales and Support Engineer

求人ID : 3573
投稿日 : 2020-09-02
業界 : Information Technology and Services
雇用形態 : 正社員, 常勤
必須スキル : Japanese1, English2, system development, business process improvement, business proposals, system maintenance, Jira, web application operation, linux
市区町村 : Minato-Ku
都道府県: Tokyo
国 : Japan
年俸 : 5,000,000 ~ 10,000,000


Job Title : Introduction consultant, pre-sales and support engineer for our product "CAT"

Guess Points:
★ Sales growth rate of about 150% continues every year.
★ Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
★ Global expansion.
★ Innovative business model that drastically changes development sites.

Job Description:

We are looking for members who will support Company's integrated software test management tool" CAT ".

■ About the assigned department
Business Transformation Business Headquarters Quality and Technology Supervision Department

■ Specific work contents
・ Improvement consulting of quality control system using test management tool "CAT"
・ Respond to inquiries from CAT users (thousands of users inside and outside the company)
-Question handling / request hearing
-Support documentation and material creation
-Product failure / cause analysis
 Became a developer in Japan and Vietnam (communication in Japanese and English)
Until the detailed request is passed
・ Support for installation of CAT in customer environment
・ Demonstration of usage method for customers (support for new installation proposals)
・ Proposal of CAT functions as customer support
・ Web marketing work (even if you have no experience, assuming the support of current staff through OJT)
-Product introduction site, support update, maintenance
-Adwords, web marketing activities using Google Analytics
* All inquiries that occurred in the past are documented and can be used as powerful knowledge when responding.

■ Participating organizational structure
CAT development team: Japan 8 people, Vietnam 11 people
Users Approx.3,000

■ CAT development platform / language
・ Java (Spring Framework)
・ Linux (Cent / RHEL)
・ HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ExtJS, etc)

■ Other
▼ About CAT
Considering the lack of a management tool that matches the Japanese software test industry, Company is the only Web application that has been independently invested and developed for about eight years.
Starting with in-house development, it has been used by external customers since 2015 and has thousands of users, and continues to grow rapidly.
Along with the rapidly increasing number of users, the quantity and quality of support operations are also required, and the members who support it are currently needed.

¥ 420,000 / month-¥ 840,000 / month

* Estimated annual income of 5 million yen to 10 million yen
* Determined after consultation according to experience, performance and contribution

Qualification requirements:
・ Tool and system development introduction and business process improvement proposal experience
・ Development and maintenance experience in business systems (server maintenance, data change, etc.)
・ Construction and operation of Web application environment such as JIRA and Confluence
・ Web application operation and construction skills (regardless of development skills)
・ Understand Linux structure
(Possible if you can do basic tasks such as directory operations, configuration changes, and service settings)
・ I'm interested in operating tools and web applications on Windows

・ TOEIC 600 points or more

[People seeking]
・ Person who can sympathize with Company's business contents and vision
・ Those who can communicate logically and simply
・ Those who can commit their duties to quantitative goals
・ Person who can accept things honestly
・ Flexible adaptation to many changes
・ Those who value coordination

Treatment and benefits:
・ Before and after childbirth, childcare, nursing care leave system
・ Complete social insurance
·Commuting allowance
・ Elective defined contribution pension plan
・ Skill improvement support (qualification acquisition support) system
・ Internal recruitment system
・ Technology study meeting ・ In-house exchange meeting “T.E.L@CAFE”
・ Stock grant ESOP trust system
・ Health insurance union (Tokyo information service industry health insurance union) partner facilities available
・ Bicycle commuting system
·Extracurricular activities
・ Various company events (athletic, year-end party, general meeting of employees, awards), etc.

Working hours:
9: 00-18: 15 (break 12: 00-13: 00, 15: 00-15: 15 / actual work 8 hours)
* 8 hours for those who apply the discretionary labor system (special working hours)

Overtime work
Available (average about 15.2 hours per month * Actual results for August 2018)

Holiday vacation:
■ Holiday
・ 2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday)
・ Holiday
■ Vacation
·Summer vacation
·New Year holiday
・ Paid vacation (10 to 20 days)
・ Condolence vacation
(Marriage leave, child and child marriage leave, spouse maternity leave, etc.)
[Over 120 days of annual holiday]

Selection process:
Document screening
Primary screening (assignment group manager)
Final selection (department manager)
Informal offer
* Consultation will be held on the day of interview and the date of joining the company. Please feel free to contact us
* Please take the aptitude test after the first interview