System / Business Operation Engineer

求人ID : 3333
業界 : Information Technology and Services
雇用形態 : 正社員, 常勤
必須スキル : Japanese1, System Operations, system operation design, system design, RPA, Cloud, ITIL
市区町村 : Chuo-ku
都道府県: Tokyo
国 : Japan
年俸 : 3,500,000 ~ 5,500,000


Job offer ②-1

Department: Advanced Technology Headquarters
Job title: System / Business Operation SE

Job description:
[Business description]
◎ As an engineer in a system / business operation project, you will support the construction / operation of business systems and end users (business practitioners) on behalf of the customer's information system department.
* Customers are financial, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.
* Projects to be assigned will be determined based on their suitability.
* Team composition: There are 3 teams and more than 10 teams.

[Language] Below is an example of skills used
・ Redhad, CentOS, WindowsServer
・ AWS / Azure
・ Oracle, SQLServer
・ Apache, Tomcat, IIS
・ Job operation management tool
・ Monitoring tools (Zabbix etc.)
・ EAI / ETL tool (Asteria / PowreCenter)
・ K shell, bash shell, bat, PowerShell, etc.

[Attraction of this work]
・ Primary projects are as high as 90%, and there are many opportunities to discuss and carry out development on an equal footing with customers.
・ Skills can be voluntarily improved using the educational system and technology cluster activities.
-In the future, it is possible to be involved in development and development of our own products.

Required skills and experience:
[MUST] Those who fall under the following.
・ Those who have experience in participating in system operation projects (approximate: about 2 years).

[Expectation of person]
・ Those who are interested in technology, set goals and learn and learn by themselves, and are highly motivated to grow.
・ Those who have communication skills that can coordinate work from the customer's perspective.
・ Those who are able to promote the sharing and sharing of technology assets based on the knowledge and process of service activities

[WANT] Those who have any of the following experiences are welcome.
・ Those who have operational design experience in operational projects. (Possible experience with RPA, cloud, etc.)
・ Those who are qualified to show their skills such as ITIL Foundation / Basic Information Processing / ORALE and Microsoft Certification.
・ Those who have experience of operation and development in the following environment
Windows, Hyper-V, Active Directory, LDAP / RADIUS, VMware NSX

Employment form: Regular employees
Work location: 
24-1 Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
* Depending on the department or project to which you are assigned, there is a possibility that you will be permanently stationed (near Tokyo).

Working hours: 
・ 8: 50-17: 30 (prescribed working hours: 7 hours 40 minutes, breaks: 60 minutes)
・ Flex time system (core time: 10: 00-16: 00)
・ Overtime: Existence (average 25.6 hours per month)

Social insurance: Employees' Pension, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, Industrial Accident Insurance

・ Retirement allowance system, corporate pension fund, wealth savings, shareholding association, Keigo Miko
・ Single dormitory (according to company regulations)
・ Regular health checkups, group life insurance
・ No overtime day (every Wednesday), business casual (all year)
・ Recreation facilities, circle activities
・ Qualification incentives, etc.

Trial period: Yes: 3 months (no change in conditions and treatment)
・ Two days a week (Saturday and Sunday), holidays,
・ Summer vacation (3 days), New Year holidays (December 29-January 4)
・ Paid leave, Keio leave, maternity / childcare leave, nursing care leave
・ Annual holiday: about 124 days

Bonus: Twice a year (June / December)

Number of applicants: 5
Age: Up to about 29 years old
Educational background: Professional graduate or higher

[Monthly salary]
・ 22.50,000 yen to 370,000 yen
[Scheduled annual income]
・ 3.5 million yen to 5.5 million yen
* Determined according to experience and skills.
・ Raise: Once a year (April)

[Annual income model]
・ Annual income 7.5 million yen / 35 years old experience 13 years
・ Annual income 6 million yen / 30 years old experience 8 years

Allowance: Full transportation expenses, overtime allowance

・ Document selection ⇒ Primary interview ⇒ Web aptitude test ⇒ Secondary screen ⇒
* Application documents: CV, work history
* Web aptitude test: SPI
* Interviewer: Primary interview (person in charge of personnel / department), secondary interview (two officers)
* Web interview is possible only for the primary interview

[Education system]
◎ New employee training
・ In addition to IT basics, exercises to experience the system development process, basic business skills such as logical communication and presentation, etc.
◎ Training by rank
・ Training to learn the skills necessary for the next step, training for each promotion, etc.
[Technology cluster activities]
・ It is an activity that forms a community with the same technology orientation and mutually supports and enhances technology acquisition through activities that mutually support the necessary technology acquisition.

[Company Information: CAC Corporation]

Business description:
◎ System construction service
・ Comprehensive enterprise information system construction from information system planning to design, development, testing, introduction and maintenance.
◎ System operation management service
-Provides total functions necessary for system operation, such as operation process management, business operation, user support, client device management, application operation, and infrastructure operation.
◎ BPO service
・ Utilize IT to execute business processes such as HR operations on behalf of corporate personnel.

Established: April 1, 2014
Capital: 400 million yen
Employees: 938 (as of December 31, 2018)

amount of sales:
・ 20,414 million yen (year ended December 2018)
・ 20,917 million yen (December 2017 results)
・ 21,695 million yen (December 2016 results)

Company Information:
-CAC was established as the first independent software specialist in Japan and has refined technology that fits the times to date.
・ Furthermore, we have accumulated a wealth of business knowledge such as finance and medicine in order to realize the optimal system for users. In addition, with the corporate philosophy of “Creating new value with advanced ICT in the world as a field”, we are developing our business in the world, such as the first Japanese software company to invest overseas.
・ By utilizing these technologies, knowledge, experience, and group networks, we will provide valuable solutions globally that contribute to innovation in various fields of society and business.

・ 24-1, Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Resume sending address:
Person in charge: CAC, mid-career recruiter, Yamada, Hori, Shimomura